With a slew of bills, Washington takes more interest in IoT

Earlier this year, there was some buzz over new IoT-related legislation passed in California, the so-called “Teddy Bears and Toasters Act.” It turns out the California IoT law may be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to legislative interest in the Internet of Things and related digital technologies, judging by a list put together by Alain Louchez, who heads the Center for the Development of the Application of Internet of Things Technologies (CDAIT) at Georgia Tech:

Pending IoT legislation

The list, which Louchez shared at the recent IoT for Manufacturing workshop at Georgia Tech, includes pending bills at the federal level. It includes everything from the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Actto the Secure and Protect Americans’ Data Act.

Most of these may seem unfamiliar except to sponsors and the lobbyists who helped write them, but that should come as no surprise considering they are still at a rough stage, with many stuck in committee or pending other types of review. Judging by the gridlock in Congress, few will ever be passed into law, but one thing’s for sure: IoT has Washington’s attention.

This is an excerpt from Priority Payload Report.