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Welcome to Priority Payload Report (PPR)

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Priority Payload Report: The Newsletter of Industrial IoT, or PPR for short! I’ve been writing about IT and consumer tech for decades, and started PPR to focus on the revolution taking place in software, hardware, and connected systems in industry. Known as the Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT or IIoT) or Industry 4.0, it is transforming the way many organizations conduct operations.

This issue of PPR will cover the takeaways from the 3rd annual IoT for Manufacturing conference, which took place earlier this month at Georgia Tech. After you read it, I’d appreciate it if you took a quick survey (just 10 questions, most of them multiple choice) to let me know what you think. Future issues will include news, analysis, and interviews from various sources, with the goal of keeping you informed of trends and best practices in this burgeoning field.

Feel free to share this with colleagues and others who may be interested. Anyone can register for the PPR newsletter by using the signup form on this screen. It’s free for now, but next year we will institute a low-cost subscription plan. Some articles will also be posted to the PPR website at

Thanks for your interest!

Ian Lamont, Founder & Editor


Twitter: @prioritypayload